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Candida Kit
120 tablets Oxypowder $46.95
16 oz bottle of Candid-X
16 oz Bottle of Candid-X $44.95
Candida Kit
2 16-0unce Bottles Candid-X
8-ounce Hydrogen Peroxide
Ph Test Kit
120 tablet bottle Oxypowder
Dosage Cup
Complete Instructions
Book: How I Cured My Candida
How I Cured My Candida book
How I Cured My Life Long Candida
Chronicles the author's life long struggles with Candida Albacans infection throughout his entire body, including the blood where the candida was eating his white and red blood cells. He tells how the candida diet always fails, and how he developed a Candida program that cured him.
Sale Price $4.95
A Miraculous Health Substance
A Miraculous Health Substance documents the amazing qualities of ionic silver including the ground breaking research of Dr. Robert O. Becker with ionic colloidal silver producing stem cells. Co-ordinates the work of many other medical researchers and the results of many users. 163 pages.
Regularly $12.95, Now $4.95!
4 Bottle Special
Special Sale! 4 Bottles Regularly $179.80, Now $139.95!
Gallon Special
Special Sale! One Gallon Regularly $279.80, Now $249.95!
When Healing Becomes a Crime book
When Healing Becomes a Crime
Exposes the overall failure on the war on cancer, while revealing how yesterdays "unorthodox" treatments are emerging as tomorrows medicines. This book will not only forever change the way you see medicine, but may save your life.
Sale Price $19.95
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