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More info on Diseases and Infections caused by Candida:
16 oz Candid-X bottle
NO Candida Diet Needed!
ONE: Clean the old rotting debri from the colon
TWO: Kill the candida with Candid-X
THREE: Reestablish the oxygen, PH and probiotics Just 30 days!
No toxic fungicides!
No toxic herbals!
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
If you try to starve the Candida out you will starve first!
Why Candida Keeps Coming Back
How to Quickly and Permanently Stop It!
Learn How to Treat Your Candida Infection and Resulting Infections!

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How I Cured My Candida Infection

Always tired and dragging? Frequent colds, flu and diarrhea? Do you have fungal infections such as vaginal yeast, athletes foot or nail fungus? Then you probably have Candida!

Candid-X sharply distinguishes between needed bacteria and harmful bacteria.

Candid-X will not harm needed probiotics while quickly killing harmful bacteria. Candid-X can do what no antibiotic or fungicide can do.

Read my experience with Candida - Marvin Robey

Candid-X is a 24 day treatment that includes the cleansing of the colon for the digestive system and will not require further treatment thereafter unless there is candida in the blood.

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16 oz Candid-X $44.95

Don't be fooled by other treatments that only treat Candida and leave its 5,000 friends (unfriendly bacteria) to reinfect as soon as the treatments have stopped. Many treatments include a special diet, special herbs, prescription medications, or probiotics. You could spend months and thousands of dollars trying to treat Candida using products with dangerous side effects or diets that simply do not work.

Candid-X treats the yeast and fungus as well as the unfriendly bacteria while leaving the friendly probiotics alone.

The Candid-X package is a complete program. It is a safe, fast, low-cost and complete treatment plan that is easy to follow. It treats Candida in the entire body including the intestinal tract, colon, and blood.